PowerBI for Business Intelligence: Transforming Data into Insights

From: May 14,24 19:00 pm To: May 14,24 21:00 pm Mode: Online

Data Visualization / Business Intelligence DAX Data Transformation for PowerBI Data Modeling for PowerBI

Mastering Your Future: Securing Student Visa for International Students

From: May 08,24 20:00 pm To: May 08,24 21:00 pm Mode: Online

Data Visualization / Business Intelligence Data Visualization / Business Intel Talend Excel Spark PowerBI Hadoop Anaconda

Generative AI and the Evolving Data Science Landscape

From: Apr 23,24 19:00 pm To: Apr 23,24 21:00 pm Mode: Online

Machine Learning Pandas Machine Learning Jupyter Anaconda

Excel & SQL Demystified: Essential Tools for Data Analysts

From: Apr 20,24 12:00 pm To: Apr 20,24 14:00 pm Mode: Online

Business/Data Analytics SQL Advance Excel

Machine Learning for Career Growth: Navigating Your Path in Data Science

From: Mar 30,24 15:00 pm To: Mar 30,24 17:00 pm Mode: Online

Deep Learning Machine Learning R.

Career in Data Warehousing and Business Intelligence

From: Mar 02,24 12:00 pm To: Mar 02,24 14:00 pm Mode: Online

Data Engineering: DWH and Big Data Business/Data Analytics SQL PowerBI Talend

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