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Discover the best tech career prospects in the industry.

We offer 1-to-1 free live sessions to support you in setting your tech career goals. Get in touch with our career counselors for professional guidance and advice on choosing the right career track.

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  • Discover industry trends
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  • Set tech career goals

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Learn how you can take advantage of the free career advice from Dicecamp and succeed in your tech career.


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Hear from the members at Dicecamp who have already experienced our career advice service.

“The guys are so honest in their view of the industry that they won’t care if it was not useful in their brand marketing. Customers come at first for Dice, that’s what make me stick to the organization life long”

Ahmed Rishad

“When they gave career advice, I felt I was saved from making a huge career mistake. To wander around dumb headed is better than taking free career advice from experts in the field. Thanks for offering these services.”

Kamal Zulfiqar

“I applied for the jobs, for which they said had less saturation, and thankfully the advice came in handy. Would always seek free career advice in future.”

Bilal Gul

“I said to myself, let’s try the free career advice from these guys, and let’s not rely on making future mistakes. Now I say to every one become smart and take help from the ones who have already witnessed miles of path in the tech field.”

Maryam Afzal

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