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Do you get overwhelmed in deciding a career? Take the 10-min test to match your personality with the right tech career track you are made for!

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Why Take this Test?

Explore Your Strengths

Discover yourself and let your strengths lead you to what you should be doing instead of forcing yourself into a career that doesn’t really fit in your personality.

Deliver Your Best

When you are at a job that leverages your strengths, you deliver your best with the happiest version of yourself.

Make Informed Career Decisions

The test results throw light on your personal and professional preferences so that you can be more confident in your tech career decision-making process.

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How it Works?

Myers and Briggs’ Personality Theory

The test analyzes your tendencies against: social energy, information collection, decision making, and organization.

16 Personalities

Learn who you really are from the 16 personalities by Myers and Briggs.

46 Questions

The questions measure how you think and take action in different situations.


What they Say

Hear directly from our Past Seekers who are Tech Professionals Now!

“I got promoted. I took the career test out of curiosity, and surprisingly it identified a number of strengths which I never gave attention to before and could be used to power my career. I was working as a junior data engineer at that time and after finding out my personality I took mini courses to improve my skills. I was glad that within a few months my manager felt more confidence in me and lauded me occasionally. I soon got promoted. ”

Jaffer Hussain

Data Engineer

“I feel more empowered! I took the test to learn exactly who I am among the 16 personalities by the famous test. It showed me correct analysis since I demonstrate prioritizing inner harmony and self-development. I feel more empowered now and opting for the career choice it suggested to me. The self-satisfaction that comes after knowing yourself is worth trying!”

Alina Safdar

Passionate Learner

“I was enlightened in just 10 min! I was really worried about what I should do after my bachelors in Telecommunication. I hated thinking of being in an office environment but what else could I do? Well, the test came in handy suggesting that I go for a research-based work where my analytical thinking and problem-solving skills could be leveraged to fullest while also being in an environment suitable for an introvert.”

Umar Shehbaz

Cyber Security Researcher

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