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Bridge the Gap Between Data and Decisions: Master Data Science Course using Machine Learning
Empower yourself with the in-demand skills of data science and machine learning through our dynamic Applied Hybrid Training program!
This innovative data science course seamlessly blends classroom instruction with online learning, providing a well-rounded foundation for your data science journey. Learn to unlock the power of data and leverage machine learning algorithms to solve real-world challenges.

Uncover the Magic Behind the Data:
  • Machine Learning Fundamentals: Demystify the concepts of machine learning algorithms and explore their practical applications across various industries.
  • Python Programming Prowess: Gain hands-on experience with Python, the language of choice for data science. Learn how to leverage its libraries and tools to implement machine learning models effectively.
  • Data Wrangling Expertise: Master techniques for handling and manipulating datasets from diverse fields. Understand how to prepare data for optimal use with machine learning algorithms.
  • Actionable Insights from Algorithms: Discover how to interpret machine learning outputs and translate them into actionable insights that drive real-world results.
  • Data Communication Mastery: Learn to communicate your data science findings with clarity and impact, effectively presenting the results of your machine learning models.
By the end of this Data Science Course using Machine Learning, you will have enough knowledge and hands-on expertise in Python to use and apply them in the real world around you. Also, you will be able to get prepared for certifications of Data Camp and Cognitive AI.

  • Fundamental concepts: Gain deep understanding of probability, statistics, and algorithms.
  • Tools and technologies: Learn to use Python, R, and TensorFlow.
  • Hands-on experience: Gain practical experience through real-world projects.
  • Model selection: Select best machine learning models for business use cases.
  • Communication skills: Develop effective communication skills for stakeholders.

  • Graduate or Masters Students with Statistics, CS or Mathematics background who want to start their career in the Data Science domain
  • People who are working in the BI domain and want to advance their career in the field of Data Science
  • Executive who want to build a Data Science department in their start-ups/organizations

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