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Learn AI algorithms through Tensor flow & Python advanced language through our Artificial Intelligence Course.
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Computer vision is a rapidly growing field in which machines are able to interpret and process visual information. This field has been enabled by advances in machine learning, deep learning and image processing.

Computer vision is used to build systems that are able to recognize objects, identify patterns and make decisions based on the visual data. It is used for applications such as autonomous vehicles, facial recognition, robotics, medical imaging and more.

With the right training and understanding, computer vision can be used to create powerful applications that are able to see and understand the world around them.

  • Familiarity with AI Tools and Technologies: Participants will be exposed to various AI tools and technologies, such as TensorFlow, Jupyter and OpenCV, and will learn how to use them to develop AI models and applications.
  • Hands-on Experience with AI Projects: Participants will engage in practical exercises and real-world projects, allowing them to apply their learning to build AI models, train them with data, and evaluate their performance. This will help them gain practical experience in developing AI applications.
  • Computer Vision: Participants will learn the basics of computer vision, including image processing, object detection, image segmentation, and facial recognition. They will also learn how to build computer vision applications using AI techniques, such as convolutional neural networks (CNNs).

  • Anyone who has an interest in Deep Learning, Computer Vision and its applications and is looking forward to further explore these domains to either extend their skillset for career opportunities or to simply learn about Computer Vision Systems.

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