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May 20, 2023
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Jul 09, 2023
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80 Hours
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Software testing is an integral and important activity in every software development environment. This course is designed to enable a clear understanding and knowledge of the foundations, techniques, and tools in the area of software testing and its practice in the industry. The course will prepare attendees to be leaders in software testing. Whether you are a developer or a tester, you must test software.
This course provides an introduction to Software Testing. It aims to introduce the methods and techniques used in testing system along with importance in SDLC. The course is designed to utilize prior Software Engineering & Development knowledge/expertise to develop quality control skills.
Course will help to understand different software testing levels, testing methods, types and other related concepts. Course is designed in a way where attendees will be able to correlate testing with different levels of SDLC.

Tools Covered

  • If you are a just university pass out in IT related field and want to see Software Quality Assurance as your dream career, this is exactly what you are looking for to open the doors for your dream career
  • If you are an experienced IT professional from ANY other field but wanted to be in Quality Assurance, this course will help you make this switch smoothly
  • Executives who want to build a Software Quality Assurance department in their startups/organization

  • Understand the fundamental concepts of software testing, including testing techniques, methodologies, and best practices.
  • Develop a comprehensive understanding of software quality assurance (SQA) principles and how they apply to software development processes.
  • Learn how to create effective test plans, test cases, and test scripts, and execute them to identify defects and ensure software quality.
  • Gain knowledge of industry standards and best practices for software testing and quality assurance, including compliance with regulatory requirements and adherence to software development methodologies.

Meet the Instructor

Bilal Mehmood

Information Technology professional

Bilal Mehmood

Information Technology professional

An experienced Information Technology professional, Bilal has 21 years of experience in the Healthcare, EdTech, Access control and Ecommerce sector.

Course Outline

  • Defining Quality
  • History of Quality
  • Quality Management
  • Principal Quality Dimensions
  • Components of Quality
  • Level of Quality
  • Quality Assurance V/S Quality Control

  • Why, What, When & How of Testing
  • Importance of Software Quality (Testing with real world examples)
  • Test Coverage of Requirements
  • Basic Concept and Testing Terminologies that are used in QA
  • List of all Terms used in working and get familiarity to know about them
  • Standards & Models Related to Testing
  • Difference between Bug, Defect, Error, Failure, and Fault
  • Bug, Defect, Error, Issue and Exception logics and concept as per App
  • Bug/Defect Life Cycle Explained
  • Bug Tracking Systems (Bug tracking and management tool)

  • SDLC Models Flow (Waterfall Methodology, Spiral Model, Incremental)
  • Software Testing Life Cycle (STLC)
  • Learn Types of Testing (When and how we performed as per defined domain and application)
  • Test Activities
  • Learn Levels of Testing
  • Test Documentation
  • Software Reliability
  • Software Maintainability
  • Verification & Validation
  • Software Process Improvement

  • Black Box Testing & Techniques
  • Functional and Non-Functional Testing overview
  • White Box Testing & Techniques
  • What is Regression Testing and How to do it?
  • What is Web Application Testing?
  • Mobile Apps testing
  • Desktop App testing overview
  • How a QA / Tester thinks out of the box and do Complete testing like Traceability Matrix flow
  • What is User Acceptance Testing?
  • Tools and software used for Testing process

  • Static and Dynamic Testing
  • Test Strategy and Testing Techniques in QA
  • Stages of Testing
  • Test Entrance and Exit Criteria
  • Testing Team Composition
  • Documentation Stuff for the Reporting
  • Test Plans (activities, criteria & documentation)
  • Test Triage
  • Documentation and UAT Docs before handover product Release to client
  • Testing Audits and Peer Reviews

  • Test Intentions, Scenarios and Test Cases
  • Test Management and Strategies (What it is and why important to manage tests).
  • Writing Test Cases
  • Test Data Generation
  • Test Cases understand test cases and relationship with RTM
  • Configuration & Change Management
  • Monitoring & Control and reporting (what to report, how to report)
  • User Acceptance Test cases
  • Statistical Quality tools

  • Agile Methodology
  • Agile Frameworks
  • Agile Testing Principles & Practices
  • Manual Testing using MTM
  • Jira / Asana / Azure DevOps
  • Cross browser Environments, cross OS platform testing
  • Usability Testing
  • Localization Testing
  • Security Testing
  • ISO and CMMI

  • Software test automation orientation
  • Automation Testing (what it is, when to use) Pros & Cons
  • Performance or load testing tools (Identification tools, testing tools)
  • Understanding & Use of JMeter
  • Introduction to API testing
  • Training of Postman
  • Basic Training of Selenium Web driver
  • Resume – CV Preparation
  • Interview Preparation, Questions and Answer
  • ISTQB Certification Overview

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Frequently Asked Questions

Duration: 8 weeks (Sat-Sun)
Timings: 11 AM – 4 PM

Since our course is led by Industry experts, So it is made sure that content covered in course is designed with hand on knowledge of more than 70-75 % along with supporting theory

For Quality Control Professional course, you need to have a PC with minimum 8GB RAM and maximum 16GB RAM.

Yes, you can rejoin the training within the span of an year of your registration. Please note following conditions in case you’re rejoining.
1) There are only 5 seats specified for rejoiners in each iteration.
2) These seats will be served on first come first basis
3) If you have not submitted your complete fee, you may not be able to rejoin. Your registration would be canceled.

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