Data Warehouse & Business Intelligence Training DWH&BI Batch 15

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Learn data modeling, ETL, visualization, analytics, and popular tools.
Start Date
Oct 28, 2023
End Date
Dec 17, 2023
10:00 AM-03:00 PM
Instructor Led
80 Hours
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During the Eight (8) weeks training, you will learn about the different ingredients of Data Warehouse such as Dashboards, Data Modeling, Teradata and Advance SQL.
In the subsequent weekly distribution of the course, participants will have hands-on experience on live platforms with different tools of the Business Intelligence such as Talend and Power BI. In the hands-on projects, you will be able to implement your learnings throughout this course.
At the end of the course, candidates will have in-depth understanding & hands-on related to DWH & Business Intelligence. 

Tools Covered

  • Graduate or Masters Students with IT, CS or Business background who want to start their career in the Data Analytics domain People who are working in the BI domain and want to advance their career in the field of Data Analytics Executive who want to build a Data Analytics department in their start-ups/organizations

  • Understand the fundamentals of data warehousing, including its architecture, components, and benefits.
  • Comprehend the key concepts and techniques of business intelligence, such as data analytics, data visualization, and reporting.
  • Design and implement an efficient and scalable data warehouse solution, considering data modeling, data integration, and data transformation.
  • Utilize various data warehousing technologies and tools, such as ETL (Extract, Transform, Load) processes, data integration platforms, and data warehouse management systems.

Meet the Instructors

Ahmed Shoaib

Service Solution Management | COL Executive MBA | Motivational Speaker | Youtuber | Power BI Trainer

Ahmed Shoaib

Service Solution Management | COL Executive MBA | Motivational Speaker | Youtuber | Power BI Trainer

A seasoned telecom professional with 17 years of work experience and service solution management expertise. Worked with top-class companies (PTCL, Huawei, Flextronics/Relacom, Norconsult Telematics, and Nortel Networks Asia Limited) of the world.

Muhammad Awais

Data Engineer at Teradata | Vertica | Snowflake | Talend Open Studio | IBM Cognos | Power BI

Muhammad Awais

Data Engineer at Teradata | Vertica | Snowflake | Talend Open Studio | IBM Cognos | Power BI

An experienced Data Professional with a passion for designing and developing cutting-edge Data Warehouses and Business Intelligence platforms. expertise lies in leveraging sophisticated data management platforms.

Fahad Ikram

Lead Data Engineer(ETL/DWH/BI) at

Fahad Ikram

Lead Data Engineer(ETL/DWH/BI) at

An experienced Data Professional Skilled in designing and developing Data Warehouses and Business Intelligence platforms by practicing a calculated and modern data management platforms, data integration tools, SQL, and Python

Course Outline

  • Data Analytics Ecosystem
  • Introduction to DWH
  • OLTP vs OLAP
  • Scorecard vs Dashboard
  • Databases VS RDBMS
  • DWH Soft Architecture & layers
  • Implementations of DWH
  • Exercise on DWH Importance
  • Introduction to Teradata
  • Hands on SQL basics
  • Hands on SQL Advanced
  • Introduction to Teradata HW Architecture
  • Data Science vs Business Intelligence
  • Overview of DWH & BI Certifications
  • DWH Project Distribution on Retail Industry
  • DWH Planning

  • Teradata Architecture
  • Data Modeling (Conceptual and Logical Data Model and Physical Data Model)
  • Normalization
  • Data Quality & Automation
  • DWH Operations
  • ETL/ELT/ELTL/Data Lake
  • Retentions, Compressions
  • Modern Data Warehouse vs Traditional

  • Hands on Logical Data Model
  • Hands on Physical data model (Staging layers)
  • Implementing Data Quality in ETL development
  • Queries/Processes Monitoring through TD Viewpoint

  • Hands on physical Data Model (Foundation layer)
  • Hands on Physical Data Model (Aggregate layer)
  • Building Reconciliation Mechanism across layers of DWH
  • ETL Automations using SLJM
  • Performance Tuning
  • Statistics
  • Viewpoint Query Monitoring, Health Monitoring, Workload Management, Query Spotlight
  • Learning importance of Explain Plan & query Performance Optimization

  • What is Talend?
  • Talend’s Global position
  • Tool Intro
  • Components introduction
  • Teradata Components
  • Installation
  • Sample Job Development
  • Metadata Management
  • Context Switching
  • Export/Import jobs
  • File Management
  • tMap development
  • Type casting
  • If else (case statement)
  • Null pointer exception handling
  • Date manipulation
  • Join specifications
  • Error handling in Transformation
  • Die on Error
  • Duplicate capture

  • Pre & Post job components
  • Parent-Child jobs & Batches
  • ELT components
  • SCD 1 job
  • SCD 2 job
  • Using Talend SCD component
  • Flow meter
  • Talend job settings
  • Job logging
  • Defining start component
  • Sending Emails
  • Recursive jobs
  • Versioning
  • Creating Custom Java functions
  • Job Orchestration
  • Job Scheduling

  • Business Intelligence & its importance
  • Hands on Business Analysis (Ad hoc Reporting)
  • OLAP – Dimensional Modelling Fundamentals
  • Dimensional Modelling Design with industrial use case
  • Design Steps – Dimensional Modeling (Hands on)
  • Implementation – Dimensional Modeling (Hands on)
  • Slowly Changing Dimensions (SCDs) with use cases
  • Design and implementation of Dimensional Model on Retail Store Data (Assignment)

  • How to Connect & Import Data from multiple Data sources
  • Reshaping and Transforming Data in Query Editor
  • Data Enrichment (New business Fields)
  • Data Modelling
  • Understanding Cardinalities
  • Building Interactive Visualizations on previously implemented Dimensional Model
  • Animated Visualization Implementation
  • Roll-up/Roll-Down Capabilities
  • Custom visualization in Power BI
  • Introduction to Power BI Services
  • Scheduling Automated Reports Refresh
  • Creating Dashboards & Natural Language Processing in Power BI Services
  • Sharing Dashboards All across Organization
  • Mobile Dashboard Design

Our Methodology

Industry Usecases

With real world projects and immersive content built in partnership with top tier companies, you’ll master the tech skills companies want.

Technical Support

Our knowledgeable mentors guide your learning and are focused on answering your questions, motivating you and keeping you on track.

Career Mentorship

You’ll have access to resume support, portfolio review and optimization to help you advance your career and land a high-paying role.

Frequently Asked Questions

Duration: 8 weeks (Sat - Sun)
Timings: 11AM – 4PM

Since our courses are led by Industry Experts so it is made sure that content covered in course is designed with hand on knowledge of more than 75 % along with supporting theory

For Data Warehouse & BI Professional course, you need to have a PC with minimum 8GB RAM.

Don’t worry! We've got you covered. You shall be shared recorded lectures after each session, in case you want to revise your concepts or miss the lecture due to some personal or professional commitment.

For executing the practical’s included in the DWH & BI  Training, you will set-up tool on your machine. The installation manual for tool prep will be provided to help you install and set-up the required environment.

This Training course includes multiple real-time, industry-based projects, which will hone your skills as per current industry standards and prepare you for the future career needs

Yes, you'll be awarded with a course completion certificate by Dice Analytics. We also keenly conduct an annual convocation for the appreciation and recognition of our students.

Since our instructors are industry experts so they do train the students about practical world and recommend the shinning students in industry for relevant positions.
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