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Could you step inside your smartphone videos? VR says yes!

A new VR app converts 2D capture into a 3D immersive environment to let you enter in your memories and even invite friends.

An image-grab from Wist Labs’ introductory video of its new VR app that lets you step into your memories/Wist Labs YouTube.

When the world is talking about metaverse possibilities, an early stage startup- Wist Labs created a way to capture immersive memories, through your phones.  

Andrew McHugh, co-founder at Wist Labs and a former senior VR designer at Samsung considers the idea “a way to live your memories and share it with your friends”.

Named Wist, the VR app is inspired by a scene in the Harry Potter and Half-Blood Prince movie where Dumbeldore gives Harry a magical solution called ‘pensive’ to share one of his core memories. With the pensive, Harry is able to enter in an immersive Dumbeldore’s memory.

The pensive, in our world is called the 3D capture tech. It makes use of existing phone sensors such as LiDAR, camera, and microphone to capture spatial design elements such as color, depth, device pose, audio, and scene information. 

Wist uses this information to convert the 2D video clip into a three dimensional immersive space and allows a user to step in the video, walk around and stay there as long as they want. 

Wist makes this happen in 3 steps: a user captures a video, the video is saved and processed on the cloud, and the immersive spatial memory is accessible to users through VR headsets.

If they have a Quest VR headset, they can step inside their memory more immersively and invite their friends and family into a multiplayer session,” – McHugh.  

What’s more interesting is the multiplayer session that a user is able to experience with a Quest VR headset. With multiplayer mode, users can share Wist videos with friends and family who can join in using their VR headsets. 

Taking forward a great idea, the Wist team recognizes the vast room for technical improvements such as tackling the glitches and missing elements. 

Currently at the pre-seed funding stage, Wist founders aim to set-up dedicated teams at their startup to launch the beta version of the app very soon. New and improved features would then be rolled out during the testing of the application.

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